Monday, October 10, 2005

HELP: My nightmare is becoming My Reality!

So what's my problem? It's nothing monumental, like Bill Clinton's moved in next door and he shows up at odd hours (and little clothing) asking if I can spare a couple of eggs. No, it's far simpler, and thank heaven, far more likely to happen than that nightmare scenario.

It's that my beloved New York Yankees may well end up playing my hometown favorite, the Chicago White Sox. Some might look at it as a win/win either way, but I will find it torturous to root against Joe Torre and the Bronx Bombers. Nevertheless, I've got to go with the White Sox. Chicago needs the so much more, if only to get the media to start paying attention to the only club in town that actually plays a decent game of baseball, rather than the ubiquitous Cubs.

God, the Cubs really bite! And no, they're not cursed, at least not by the commonly assumed source - the Billy Goat Diner's aggrieved mascot. Nor is The Almighty's seeming animosity to blame. No -- the curse of the Cubs is Wrigley Field.

Why Wrigley? It's elementary. Wrigley Field is the "world's nicest beer garden", one that just happens to have a baseball diamond in it's locale. "People will come", not because of Ray Kinsella's prophecy, but because it such a lovely spot wherein to drink to excess. A Little League team could play there and still the people would come 38,000 strong. I honestly believe that. The Tribune Company, which owns the Cubs, is able to fill that stadium to capacity as is, and therefore has no reason to field a winning team. Why spend more money to get the same result, with a smaller profit margin? If I were them, I wouldn't.

Back to the Yankees/White Sox: I thought someone had slipped LSD into my beer Friday night when I saw Tino Martinez at First Base for the Yankees. How cool is that? Now, if only we could get Paul O'Neill back in the outfield, my dreams would be fulfilled!

As of this writing, Game 5 in Anaheim has yet to take place.