Monday, April 12, 2004

The "Anyone But Bush" Psychosis Reaches Critical Mass

Courtesy of (who else) The New York Times and Howard Dean:
For Ralph Nader, but Not for President

When Howard Dean can write in something beyond simple sentences ("a sentence must have 1 noun & one verb"), please wake me up. In an otherwise unremarkable plea to the DNC electorate, Dean argues that we can't let Ralph Nader "steal" votes from the democratic candidate. A Vote for Kerry + a Vote for Bush = Trashing "of many of (Nader's) accomplishments." The conclusion does not equate its' component parts, but you gotta give Howard props for chutzpah:

"Our agenda is rooted in hope and real American values; opportunity, integrity, honesty. This is the way to defeat George Bush."

Even that inherently (andhilariouslyy) disingenuous statement is not the telling moment of the piece. Rather, it's the number of times each presidential candidate is mentioned, particularly that of the DNC's candidate ...

Bush: 7 times ...

Nader: 9 times ...

Kerry: Once.

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