Friday, April 23, 2004

Pat Tillman, an American Hero, is Dead.

Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinals football player (and the subject of several posts here, as Pat has been one of my heroes for some time) who gave up a multimillion dollar salary to enlist in the Army and defend our country, has been killed in a firefight in Afghanistan.
(ABC NEWS) In the Line of Duty: U.S. Army Ranger and Ex-NFL Player Pat Tillman Killed in Afghanistan

A former member of the Arizona Cardinals, Tillman, along with his brother Kevin, enrolled with the U.S. Army Rangers after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

According to a Pentagon source, Tillman was killed in action when his Rangers patrol was attacked by small arms fire and mortars during a coordinated ambush in eastern Afghanistan.

One enemy combatant was killed, and Tillman was the only U.S. soldier killed during the ambush, said Pentagon sources. His brother, Kevin, is in the same platoon.

My heart is too heavy from sadness and bewilderment to write any more about this right now.

God Bless Pat Tillman, and the other soldiers who have lost their lives protecting us from the scourge of terror. And may God protect the other soldiers who fight on in his stead.

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