Monday, May 10, 2004

From "The Pot Calling the Kettle Black" files, a New Entry!

Poor little Tommy Daschle.

Mainstream US politics have become "too mean". From the Aberdeen (SD) News comes: Senate minority leader sees 'startling meanness' in politics

The money quote is this one:

"There are things that matter more than political parties," Daschle said. "There are lines we should not cross regardless of the advantage we think it may give our party at times."

He continued: "Demonizing those with whom we disagree politically does not serve the interests of democracy. It does not resolve differences."

Granted, senator, but where's does recognition of your own behavior fall into this statement?

Repeatedly filibustering senate sessions, participating in smear campaigns on federal judicial nominees, and perpetuating the destructive lie that George Bush "stole" the presidency does not constitute "dirty politics", but legitimately defeating a democrat senator (Max Clelland) who just happens to be a triple-amputee is. Then again, I don't think Daschle gets it, and I hope South Dakotans go for the double and defeat Daschle in his next re-election campaign.

And by the way, senator: citing as a left-wing example of mean politics won't gain you any favor with me. That one's so obvious it doesn't count as insight. Fish in a barrell, I say.

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