Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kyoto and it's undoing of the EU

Iain Murray: "Europe Adds Headache to Blair's Post-Election Hangover"

I like Tony Blair. He's young, bright, earnest and articulate in ways many of us hoped the younger "new guard" within the Clinton administration would be. I also feel oddly indebted to him: his support of the United States in our efforts to dismantle terrorism and prevent another September 11th is not to be dismissed as political opportunism. He's paid a price for his standing fast with the United States, and as an American I want somehow to reward that loyalty. But I'll be damned if he doesn't make me crazy - not sometimes, but most of the time.

I could talk about the appalling lack of foresight towards the rising immigration problem, and Britain's partiality towards Muslims. Same goes for the degree to which Britons are taxed: just because the exchange rate is skewed towards the dynamic Pound Sterling does not mean that Britons have more money than they could possibly spend at home. His niaive belief in the value of the EU and it's revolting Socialist Manifesto/Constitution defies explanation. Housing prices are on the verge of collapse: they question is "when" not "if" Britons will find themselves owing more to the lending society than their home is actually worth. Each of these issues was put to the public on 5 May, and the public has made their choice.

None of these points bother me nearly as much as his continued devotion to pseudoscience. In making the defining issue of his G8 Chairmanship the legitimization of further ratification of "The Kyoto Protocol", Blair has decided that he wants to be the Euro Al Gore. It boggles my brain.

Enough, however, of my rant: read Iain Murray's piece about how Blair's Euro-Kyoto affectations may in fact be his undoing, not his partnership with George Bush. He's says it far more aptly than I.

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