Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Howard Dean Has Good News for George Bush

Howard Dean, onetime democratic presidential front-runner turned electoral bridesmaid, is backing down on a claim he made to supporters last week. In a fundraising e-mail, Dean pleaded for the cash required to emerge victorious from the Wisconsin primary, as "anything less will put us out of this race."

** Any "note to Howard" I'd send would simply state the obvious: you're already out of this (democratic) race. **

As it stands, it would appear that even Dean has seen his world albeit briefly for what it is:

Dean changes mind on Wisconsin vote; vows not to quit

Following Dean's defeat in all primaries held as of this date, many democratics (as well as republicans) have suspected that Dean's personality is not the sort to grieve over his wounds, accept his losses and pledge his support (and supporters) to the democratic nominee. He is simply too determined, in a petulant and narcissistic way, to usurp the presidency from those who lack the his *superior* vision for the country. Is it any wonder that his official website/blog is called "Howard Dean for America"?

As far as his "help us, or else" missive, Dean denies his e-mail was merely a fundraising ploy. Like Clinton, however, he's an of-the-moment kind of guy:

Speaking to reporters in the student union at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay after a huge rally, Dean said his decision to stay in the race beyond Wisconsin was motivated by supporters who asked him not to quit if he loses next Tuesday.

This is, of course, the classic assertion of the vainglorious: I'm doing it for the people, because they want me to.

None of this (democratic fealty, Howard Deans' self-actualization, the fate of the DeanieBabies, etc.) matters to me in any way. While the continued devolution of the two-party system is indeed disappointing, most republicans view this from a strategic perspective, and for a neo-conservative like myself (where concerns over terrorism and economic vitality are Priority #1) this schism in the DNC bodes very, very well for my candidate, George Bush.

Why? I need mention only two words: Ralph Nader.

The more savvy of democrats, those who have recovered their senses from
the 2000 election, know that the resulting obsession with Bush, vote recounts and the US Supereme Court having "selected, not elected" deflect from understanding the real reason for Gore's loss: the presence of green party candidate Nader. Had Nader not been in the race, left-wing votes would have stayed with the dems, and Gore would be the president. To my democrat friends and acquaintances I would say this: If you can't grasp this fact, then you can't learn from your mistakes, and Howard Dean will be your mistake in 2004.

If Dean, out of hubris and mean-spritedness, conspires to run as an independent, then it doesn't matter who the democrats run or whether or not "Bush knew". The DeanieBabies, as did the Greens, will split the LLL vote necessary to win back the White House, and George Bush will be re-elected.

Which would be so cool.

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