Thursday, February 05, 2004

That's it. I'm done with the NBA. Scumbags all!

Don't even get me started on Michael "I want to drive my kids to school" Jordan. Or Kobe. No more can be said about either. Much more can be said, however, about the current state of morality in the NBA.

Yesterday, the judge in the Jayson Williams murder trial decided that the jury would not hear of another shooting incident attributable to the Nets player. Too inflammatory. I'd have to agree, as the story made me furious:

Williams Executed Pet Rottweiler After Losing a Bet with Fellow NBA Star

That being said, this story is one of the reasons why I hope the NBA dies a slow, miserable death. Granted, foul, reprehensible behavior occurs in other professional sports, but blowing your dog's head off after one of your buddies drags it out of the house by its' hind legs to show you how your supposedly viscious dog is really a softie? How black is your soul? (And to all those who would jump on me as a racist, I'll include the caveat that no pun was intended.)

Why are there no morality clauses in NBA contracts? Why are the owners, in their relentless quest for money, content with this behavior? I'll never drop a dime on this pathetic excuse for a sport ever again.

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