Monday, February 02, 2004

Proof Positive: CBS Top-Brass Approved Jackson Flashing

Jackson's & Timberlake's Moment of Reproof

Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show gave literal interpretation to the term "Boob Tube".

CBS' professed "outrage" at the stunt and Justin Timberlake's laughable "wardrobe malfunction" excuse pushed the boundaries of implausibility, and Drudge proves that it was indeed planned all along. Sorry CBS & MTV, but I never bought the ruse that it was all some dance move gone awry. Janet Jackson's most famous portrait is a breast baring shot with her nipples coyly covered by the hands of her then-boyfriend, who remained artfully hidden behind her torso. Modesty has never been one of Janet's virtues, and the flash effectively ended the media's relentless focus on Michael, which was the reason for her appearance on the 'musical extravaganza' (to use The Sun's expression) in the first place. Supposedly she has an album coming out next month, but the Common Sense Laws of Self Promotion would have her sing new material, not "All For You" (April 2001) and "Rhythm Nation" (August 1989).

Instead, Janet, Justin, CBS and MTV brought tawdry burlesque spectacle to a national audience Sunday night, and did so knowing young children would be watching the game. All things being considered, though, I must thank them for staging such a craptacular musical review, as it seemed to ensure that we'll not have to sit through another lip-synching , over-produced musical fright fest next year. According to published reports, NFL has informed MTV that they will not be invited to stage a halftime show at any time in the forseeable future. Let's hope that extends to other music cable channels, film companies, corporate circuses, and the like.

Get back to the football, already!

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