Friday, July 09, 2004

Kerry/Edwards: 60's Narcissism Comes to Friution

My father was born just before the "Baby Boomer" era, as was my mother. Eminently sensible they continue to be, while most "Baby Boomers" seem devoted to being anything but. Why bother? Sensibility means considering others as well as yourself, and that just gets in the way of relating everything to one's self - the "Baby Boomer" obsession.

I'm not saying every person between the ages of 45 - 60 years is self obsessed: however, a remarkable number of those men and women in that category are. "Baby Boomers" control the media (not "The Jews" as many half-wits believe), and every event is filtered through their perception of reality. Consider:

Quagmire ... Viet Nam ... The 60's ... John F. Kennedy

With all due respect, I for one am sick of everything being compared to Kennedy, Viet Nam, Peace, Make Love Not War, The Man, etcetera ad infinitum. Scores of things just as important have happened in every decade since man began to record history.

My generation has seen just as much of triumph and tragedy as yours: you hold no monopoly on moral imperative.

"Daniel Henninger" weighs in on today's most glaring example of generational dissonance: the John Kerry / John Edwards democratic ticket:

Ditto, Ditto:
Kerryedwards is the most narcissistic ticket in 55 U.S. elections.

"Another thing that is unfair to say but hard not to notice: This may be the most narcissistic ticket in 55 U.S. presidential elections. These two guys really radiate self-awareness.

The oft-seen footage of the two emerging from a car after the VP announcement looked like a ZZ Top video for "Sharp Dressed Man." John Kerry slides a hand down his already smooth tie and deftly buttons his suit jacket. John Edwards checks the flaps on his coat pockets. "Silk suit, black tie." Both of their heads are rotating like satellite dishes scanning for signals. Light is ricocheting off porcelain in every direction. Come November, these two Power Rangers may have just worn out the electorate."

We're in a battle for our civilization here, and yet that fact seems to be anything but self-evident in the Democratic Party. After all, John Kerry, the man who expects to be our next President, has made two gigantic blunders in as many days: riding a wave of flotsam and jetsam, Kerry asserted that voters consider "We've got better hair!" Couple that with his statement on last night's "Larry King Live" that he hadn't yet had time to sit for his terror briefing. His stop right after Larry King? A fundraiser where emcee Whoopie Goldberg made graphic double entendres about the current President's last name. Far be it for a child of the 60's to give up scatalogical sermons in order to focus on the greatest threat in our country's history.

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