Tuesday, July 13, 2004

This is an issue I hoped not to have to discuss on this blog ...

but Rosie O'Donnell has forced my hand.

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows that I consider the War on Terrorism to be the preeminent issue of our time. In fact, if we fail against our enemies, it makes all other issues moot. Especially the issue of Gay Marriage.

Sorry if this offends my gay friends. I am not making a judgement about your commitment to your significant others, but rather the extreme insensibility of focusing on this non-issue, and demanding the same level of focus from our political leaders, when there is a struggle for the survival of our country, our civilization taking place. If you cannot see how, should the Islamist way of life prevail, there will be no possibility of your living your lives as homosexuals, let alone marrying your partner, then there is no sense in paying you any attention. Your assertions to the contrary speak of narcissism in its' worst possible form, and those who would capitulate to your demands are ambitious narcissists who do so only to gain your vote.

So what, you ask, did Rosie O'Donnell do?

Rosie Takes Shot At Bush During Gay-Friendly Cruise

On a chartered "Gay Cruise" to Key West, O'Donnell castigated the Bush Administration:

"O'Donnell, who is a strong advocate of gay marriage and adoption, railed against President George W. Bush and the administration, according to the report.

"It will be the first time, except for prohibition, that bigotry has been added to the Constitution," O'Donnell said. "That the prevention of rights and exclusion of rights takes paramount over some religious ideology. And, supposedly, that is what we are fighting in Iraq -- A religious extreme government that is not letting people live freely."

I got news for you, Rosie: Any country where you and 2,000 others like you can charter a ship and cruise with your families in the Caribbean IS NOT beholden to a religious ideology. Any country where you, and your partner, can live a as a family IS NOT extremist in nature. A government that allows you to flourish as an entertainer, a celebrity and a capitalist while persuing a secular life free of any religious affiliation IS NOT a theocracy.

Yes, the Bush Administration supports an ammendment to ban gay marriage. They have their reasons for doing so, and I will admit that it would be much more prudent for them to ignore the sentiment of the "Religious Right" at this time. It's an election year, however, and both sides of the political spectrum in this country are seeking to solidify their traditional bases. Get over it.

In the meantime, your political panderers of choice, John Kerry and John Edwards, are busy trying to make you think that they will speak up on your behalf: "Where Bush seeks to deny, we will provide," if you will. Perhaps they will do a better job at promoting your particular interests. I just happen to think it's unfortunate that you put your own unique interests above the interests of our country and its' survival, which is the point of my screed. Far be it for some gays to stand united with everyone in protecting our country from harm and preventing another 9/11.

No, your largely manufactured issue of discrimination against gays is so much more important than a little thing like that.

P.S.: Prohibition banned the posession and sale of alcoholic beverages. It had nothing to do with discrimination.

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