Monday, January 24, 2005

From the "Yeah ... Right!" files

Say this along with me in your best Elmer Fudd impression:

"Poo wittle Senat-uh Barbara Box-uh"

According to The Washington Times' headline Sen. Boxer takes victim role after hearing for Rice, the B*tch from Berkeley is claiming, in essence, that "Condi started it!" Behavior like this is so petty, so unbecoming of a person of her stature, that I am completely at a loss to explain her continued presence in Congress.

Can any Californians explain to me what qualities this shrill woman brings to the Senate that you would continue to elect her again, and again, and again? Because, like the people of Massachusettes who elect anyone with name Kennedy, you're beginning to get on the rests of the country's nerves. Could you at least think before you vote?

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