Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Oh, this is just too funny!

Well, at least it is to me. You see, I don't think much of people who can't enjoy a night out (whether at the local or a nightclub) without snorting a line. From Britain's Sky News comes the most amusing story 've seen in quite a while:


"A new weapon is being launched in the war on drugs - WD-40.

The household lubricant, usually used for such challenges as loosening rusty screws or stopping creaky doors, is being deployed by pubs and clubs. They are spraying it onto lavatory cistern tops to stop punters going into the toilets to snort a line of cocaine.

The oil-based, colourless WD-40, disssolves cocaine so when the user spreads it on a surface that has been sprayed, the drug turns into a mush and is unusable. If the taker does try to snort it and it gets up the nostril they will end up with a bad nose bleed.

The use of WD-40 is the brainchild of PC Graham Pease, a liquor licensing officer, who first launched the idea in Bristol. He said: "When the drug comes into contact with the WD-40 it becomes unusable. "It congeals into a mess then semi-dissolves and prevents it being sniffed."

Carl Brown, landlord of the Mailcoach Inn, Swindon, said: "It makes the blood vessels in the nose bleed; at first I found tissues and pools of blood. It's proving very effective."

Ingenious, innovative & cheap. You gotta love it!

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